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Bernie Sanders Receives 2004 Henry T. Yost Congressional Recognition Award

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) awarded the Henry T. Yost Congressional Recognition Award to Representative Bernie Sanders of Vermont on June 10. More . . .

LAO's Report on Space Utilization

The Legislative Analyst's Office has produced a report concerning space utilization for higher education facilities in the state. The LAO concludes that current standards could be simplified and made more flexible to facilitate decision-making. The report is available in html format.

Analyzing the 2003-2004 California State Budget

The Legislative Analyst's Office provides analyses of legislative happenings in the state. To better understand the effects of the 2003-2004 California State Budget on education and other services, please explore the in-depth analysis the LAO has published. The discussion of Higher Education begins on page 11.

Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act

AAUP has created a Higher Education Act webpage. The page hosts a downloadable pamphlet entitled “The Higher Education Act: A Faculty Perspective on Reauthorization” which amplifies our core themes--access, quality, diversity, and openness--that will guide our work on the reauthorization process. AAUP has joined other higher education associations in submitting to Congress “Recommendations for Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.”

State Legislative Information Service and California Lobbying

In July 2002, the AAUP Government Relations Office contracted with a Legislative Information Service (STATENET) in order to receive an online legislative reporting service for all 50 states. This service will enable the office to receive daily updates from each of the 50 states on bills on selected issues.

The AAUP selected issues includes a broad range of topics of concern to our membership:

* Postsecondary Education
* Collective Bargaining and Unions
* Universities and Colleges
* Teacher Evaluation, Merit Pay, and Career Ladders
* State Education Agencies

For each of those issues StateNet will provide AAUP’s Government Relations Office access to Legislative Status Reports, Bill Texts, Legislative Session Calendars, and state Legislative Directories. This will allow the national office to see issues coming up in state legislatures, and put us in a better position to help state conferences and chapters respond to those issues.

In a period when state budgets are experiencing extreme revenue shortfalls, Conferences and AAUP members in general are going to have to work very hard to ensure that higher education receives the necessary public support from state governments. In the last two years, state spending on higher education has been cut back severely. The previous decade saw very good times for higher education, with average state tax appropriations on higher education increasing 59 percent. Thirty states increased their spending by over 50 percent during the decade, but by early 2002, more than two-thirds of the states were facing budget deficits. And, unlike the federal government, most states have constitutional mandates to balance their budgets from year to year. This problem is amplified by the fact that even during the 1990s, when states were increasing aid to higher education in absolute terms, a national commission on college costs concluded that a relative drop in state aid was the primary factor responsible for the rising price of a college education.

Nowhere, of course, is the funding crisis more acute than in California, and the AAUP’s Government Relations Office will be working closely with the California Conference of the AAUP. Together, our collective goal is to respond in a timely manner to developments in the state as we determine how best to distribute and use the tremendous amounts of information provided to us by the StateNet service, and work with our various constituencies in California to ensure that our lobbying response on these issues is as coherent and effective as possible.


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